Dutch courses

Participation in Dutch society begins with learning the language. If you speak the language, you can have a conversation with your friends, neighbors and teachers. You can also read the newspaper and do your shopping. Mastering the language will improve your career prospects and it will allow you to pursue studies. The language courses of Taalschool Integratiewerk will help you to achieve your goals.


Taalschool Integratiewerk offers language courses at the following locations:

Amersfoort, Stadsring 167
Zeist, Thorbeckelaan 3 (registration is no longer possible here)
Doorn, Kerkplein 12

Theory and Practice Go Together

The language courses of Taalschool Integratiewerk will help you to improve your language skills and will prepare you for either the integration exam or State Exam.

Our classes are taught by experienced and qualified teachers who work with well trained, volunteer language coaches. These coaches provide students with additional support both during and outside of class. This way, you will have numerous opportunities to both learn about the language and to practice it. The combination of our expertise and your commitment will ensure that you reach your desired language level quickly.

Start at Your Level

You want to take the course that best suits your needs and language level. Therefore, after registration, you will be invited for an interview at which time we will determine your language level and discuss your needs and goals. We customize our lessons to meet your needs and goals.

Learning program and 1,5 meters distance

Taalschool Integratiewerk follows the guidelines of RIVM. Everyone should keep a distance of 1,5 meters from each other and therefore also in the lessons. The language schools of Integratiewerk are equipped for this. As long as this rule applies, we offer lessons in 2 different group sizes. The little group consists of a maximum of 6 students and costs € 15,00 per hour. The big group consists of a maximum of 12 students and costs € 12,00 per hour. A lesson lasts 2,5 hours. You will be thaught 3 or 4 times a week. It's not possible to choose which group you want to join.

"Blik op Werk" Quality Mark

Quality Mark Blik op Werk InburgerenTaalschool Integratiewerk has the "Blik op Werk" (View on Work) Quality Mark. This quality mark is awarded to organizations that provide high quality courses. To qualify for a loan from the Education Executive Agency (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, DUO), you are required to attend a course at an organization with this quality mark.


Group lessons cost € 12,00 (big group) or € 15,00 (little group) per hour, including lesson materials.

There are two payment methods to choose from:

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