Course agreement

If you follow language lessons at Taalschool Integratiewerk you must sign a course agreement. In the agreement is written what we agree to and what rights and obligations you have.

Taalschool Integratiewerk would like you to understand this course agreement and that is why we made this video.

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Course agreement Taalschool Integratiewerk - Cursusovereenkomst 

The course contract is in front of you. It starts with the name Stichting Taalschool Integratiewerk and who signs the agreement on behalf of Taalschool Integratiewerk. Below that you find your own data.
The course agreement consists of 7 articles and these are explained one by one.

Article 1 – Course

It starts with what you will be prepared for in the course, how long the course will last and that the group consists of a maximum of 12 students with the same learn skills.

Article 2 – Course content

Here is how long the course lasts with the start and end dates. It also says when and where you have lessons. If something changes, this will be told on time. Taalschool Integratiewerk expects you to study at home as well as taking the lessons, then learning Dutch goes faster. Your contact person at Taalschool Integratiewerk helps you so that you can participate in the lesson. You can always ask your teacher questions. Every quarter of the year the teacher discusses the progress. The teacher also discusses when you can take the exam and how to sign up for the exams. Taalschool Integratiewerk registers your presence and therefore you have to put your paraph each lesson on the list.

Article 3 – Student profile

Before you start with the course we take tests, so that we know which course fits you best. A profile will be defined, which can be Illiterate, Low educated, Middle educated or High educated. When you have started the course, Taalschool Integratiwerk regularly takes a progress test. The result of this test will be discussed with you by the teacher.

Article 4 – Cost and invoices

In this article is written how much the course cost. You pay for the course yourself or you borrow money from DUO. If you use a DUO loan, DUO pays for your course. You must approve the invoices for this. Taalschool Integratiewerk exchanges your data with DUO.

Article 5 – Cancellation and Termination of the course

You can cancel the course. This can be done through your contact person. The cancellation period is one month. In some cases you can cancel immediately. For example, if Taalschool Integratiewerk loses the Blik op Werk quality mark. Taalschool Integratiewerk can also cancel the agreement. We do this if you are less than 80% present or if you do not stick with the payment obligation or if you show unacceptable behavior.

Article 6 – Blik op Werk

Taalschool Integratiewerk has the Blik op Werk Quality Mark and we have the obligation to do our best to keep this Quality Mark. Taalschool Integratiewerk meets the conditions that are required from Blik op Werk and the Satisfaction Survey.

Article 7 – Regulations

Taalschool Integratiewerk has a privacy policy and a complaint policy, and you find these on the website.

This agreement

The agreement must be signed by Taalschool Integratiewerk and by you. On each page of the agreement you put a paraph and on the last page your signature. You have to put a second signature there if you give Taalschool Integratiewerk permission to share your data with Panteia. Panteia carries out the satisfaction survey for Blik op Werk.
Thank you for watching this video and hopefully it helps you to better understand the course agreement. If you have any questions, you can ask your contact person at Taalschool Integratiewerk.